Top 6 Cigarette Rolling Machines of 2019

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Not that long ago, I thought that only respectable elders need rolling machines. I mean those seniors who do not accept modern cigarettes – an old man’s sitting in his armchair, coughing, drooling a newspaper piece, and rolling a tube – something like that … That’s how I saw it and thought, until … until I decided to find an extraordinary gift for a friend, fed up with high prices for cigarettes. He doesn’t smoke much – he smokes like hell! One and a half or two packs a day is not the limit. Have you seen those prices? I saw them. And then I thought since he is not going to quit smoking, I better get him a roller – tobacco is cheaper anyway. Next, come details about stressful choosing, trying to understand the difference between manual (thumb rollers), injector, and electric machines, as well as figuring out what is this gizmo at all.

According to this chart, a cigarette rolling machine is a small device that greatly facilitates the wrapping of tobacco and making “custom” cigarettes. The item has a compact size, simple housing, tape, and a couple of rollers. Thanks to the ingenious mechanism, roll-ups are the same size, neat, very similar to regular manufactured cigarettes. Even the cheapest roller saves you cash (tobacco & paper are much cheaper) and, at the same time (if you still prefer roll-ups, it is better to buy a special device than to struggle, trying new rolling ways all the time). Another significant advantage is the even distribution of tobacco throughout an entire cigarette stick.

A roller is ideal for beginners who want to switch from cigarettes (or smoking pipes) to roll-ups. The device helps to understand the principle of rolling paper and filling a hollow cigarette tube with tobacco. After two or three times of using it, I doubt that anyone will ever want to get back to hand-rolling. Tested.

How to Use a Roller Correctly


  • A specially designated area of the device must be filled with tobacco entirely. Note that it must not be tightly packed – should seem kind of loose, i.e. have some free space between particles of the mixture.
  • Close the mechanism by smoothly moving the switch/lever clockwise. 
  • Remove any excess tobacco.
  • Slightly tamp the tobacco mixture by rotating the switch clockwise. If it’s too tight, you’ve loaded too much tobacco. In this case, you will have to open the device, remove the excess, and repeat the procedure.
  • Insert the rolling paper on the opposite part so that the adhesive part remains on top. The folding switch should also be on top.
  • As soon as most of the paper is inside the device, moisten (lick) the adhesive part and fully “screw” it into the mechanism. I recommend that you rotate the switch several times to ensure reliable adhesion.
  • Now the only thing that’s left is to take the roll-up, admire its flawlessness, smell the dry tobacco, and smoke your very own custom cigarette.


Recently, cigarettes are no longer a means of saving money. A huge range of different types of tobacco and types of rolling paper made the process of smoking roll-ups fun in elite circles. Tobacco for homemade cigarettes has a fine grind. Often in certain shops, you can find flavorful mixtures of different strength. That’s why roll-ups began to gradually replace banal manufactured cigarettes. Singularity, individuality, wide choice – that’s how my friend justifies his desire to smoke exclusively roll-ups.

Basic Roller Types


  • Manual (thumb rollers) – inexpensive, compact, lightweight, and simple devices. I would not recommend these classic rollers to beginners. The fact is that the whole process is, in fact, manual (duh), there is a high chance of making a defective product. Yes, these rollers are not that easy to use.
  • Injectors are suitable only for tobacco mixtures of medium and small fractions. Thanks to the simplicity of their mechanism, in a few minutes, it’s quite possible to make a number of cigarettes comparable to a standard cigarette pack.
  • Electric. These machines will do (almost) everything for you. You just apply the rolling paper and tobacco – leave rolling, gluing, and tobacco distributing to the device. Splendid! No doubt this automatic device is a great option for beginners.


While I was choosing a gift for my friend, I had some time to sort things out and pick the best devices. Perhaps, my classification will help you with your choice.

TOP 6 Cigarette Rolling Machines

GERUI Electric Cigarette Tobacco Rolling Machine


A rechargeable stationary device with a price of about $20 for filling cigarette tubes with tobacco. Manufacturing materials are tandem of plastic, rubber, and metal. The machine is equipped with an anti-slip base. It has a solid and presentable exterior and will certainly be a nice gift not only to a dear friend but also to a head or business partner.


  • 120-240 V
  • 50/60 Hz 
  • 0.3 A 
  • EU plug

It comes with a silicone brush for cleaning, plastic spatula for tobacco, and charger. The machine is very fast – it can handle a cup of any kind of mixture in about 7 minutes. This high-quality durable device has a long service life.

GERUI DIY Electric Automatic Tube Filling Machine


Electric roller for $15-20. Made of plastic and metal. Overall dimensions are 8.7″ x 3.5″ x 3″. The design concept is very attractive – smooth lines, rounded shapes, streamlined corners. Holding the device in your hands is a pleasure, as, in fact, working with it. The speed is also excellent – with certain skills, it copes with a cup of tobacco in just 5 minutes. A complete set includes a charger and a brush. 


  • EU plug
  • 50/60 Hz,
  • 0.3 A,
  • 110-230 V
  • Weight – 1.54 lbs 

I have chosen this model for my friend. 

The machine is just awesome for its price and functionality. It doesn’t spoil cigarette sticks and works well with dry mixes of any fraction (from small to large).

Though the machine does not roll but just fills cigarette tubes with tobacco, my comrade was satisfied. He has been using it for 3 months and says it works great as new.

GIZEH Roller Tobacco Box


Inexpensive (less than $5) and easy-to-use automatic machine for twisting standard 2.8″ (70 mm) cigarettes. Made of metal. Thanks to ergonomic bulges on the housing, it perfectly fits your hand. The dimensions are 3.62″x3.22″x0.78″. The weight is approx. 107 g (0.24 lbs). Fits in a pocket with no problems. Equipped with a small capacity for storing tobacco, sticks and the paper. It can also be used as a cigarette case. Rolls with dignity. Perfectly copes with fine-cut tobaccos, but not suitable for coarse-cut. The only disadvantage is that the tape gets “shaky” quite fast. But, at this price, you can buy a dozen of these boxes and change them every 6 months.

HoRNET Automatic Rolling Machine


Black automatic machine made of metal at a price of about $15. The principle of operation is very similar to the previous model. The design is much more interesting though. The matte surface looks more expensive, richer, and more solid. The device is suitable for a paper width of 70 mm. The dimensions are: 3.46″ x 2.99″ x 0.79″. Compact and lightweight comes with a cover. Has proved itself professionally. A small disadvantage is a bit loose lid when closed. Tobacco spills out if you carry the device in a pocket. It is insignificant but still unpleasant. My father has the same one for more than a year. So I can safely recommend it.

ISHOWTIENDA Triple Cigarette Rolling Machine


An interesting injector option for around $5 and simultaneous filling of three cigarette tubes at once. Wonderful for tasting new tobaccos in a company of friends, colleagues or business partners. Made of durable plastic and will not deform fast. The machine easily copes with fine mixture. But choose your tobacco carefully – it may not be able to cope with coarse-cut tobaccos.

OCB Handroll Cigarette Tobacco Rolling Machine 


Acrylic (plastic) machine for $11. This one is much more durable and wear-resistant than the previous model. The appliance is simple to use, rolls perfectly, and distributes the tobacco mixture evenly. No problems with small and medium fractions. Best for slim roll-ups. The transparent plastic case looks stylish. Probably, may become a nice gift for women who like roll-ups.



How long does it take to roll a cigarette?

It all depends on the chosen machine and your experience. Usually, I roll it for about 1 minute and a half. And it takes up to 1 minute when using a special manual device.

Where can I buy the device?

I chose a cigarette wrapping machine on Aliexpress. The prices are low, and free shipping. But the terms are a little frustrating. Waiting for goods from China sometimes takes more than a month.

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