Excellent, high quality Parblo A610 Plus Drawing Tablet

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Gone are the days when the white paper was the sole option for artists to paint or draw. Thanks to technological advancements today, we have a modern tool that aids in drawing picture-perfect sketches, paintings, and drawings, The Parblo A610 Plus Drawing Tablet.

Parblo A610 plus has eliminated the need for brushes and paper as it has digitized art. Apart from that, it also accompanies a smartpen that offers excellent accuracy and ease.

Let’s dive into the details and see what Parblo A610 Plus Drawing Tablet can do:


  • Top-Notch Design And Smooth Handling: The tablet offers a display of 10.6 inches which is enough area to draw. You can keep the tablet on any set of furniture or on your lap without worrying about it getting scratched, why? Because the backside of this tablet is manufactured with a scratch-resistant black cloth.
  • This portable tablet has a sleek and slim design that makes it easier to travel with.
  • Handling the tablet is also a breeze since it weighs only 2 pounds. Moreover, its curvy edges restrict the tablet from getting stuck to things.
  • Excellent Accuracy With The SmartPen: The accuracy offered by this amazing drawing tablet is off the charts. However, if you’re a beginner and finding it difficult to draw something with good accuracy then worry not, Parblo A610 Plus accompanies with a SmartPen. This pen has a pressure level of 8192 which makes it a piece of cake to draw, sketch and paint on the tablet. In other words, this battery-less pen will enhance accuracy like anything.
  • Its accuracy is on point thanks to the report rate of 266 RPS it operates on. This allows the user to draw accurate lines.
  • This pen is no less than a wonder because it offers a resolution of 5080 LPI.
  • Lastly, you will find two keys on the pen that aids you in controlling your work.
  • Wide Compatibility And Endless Creativity: You’ll like the fact that this drawing tablet can support a wide range of operating systems including Windows XP, Seven, 8, Mac OS 10.8, etc. It is rare to see a budget-friendly tablet support so many operating systems.
  • With Parblo A610 Plus, creativity has no boundaries because it supports some of the most amazing drawing software including Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator CC, Paint tool SAI, Magna Studio, MAYA, Autodesk, 3D Max, etc.
  • You can use a single or multiple software to breathe life into your drawings.
  • Hot Keys And Battery: You will find 10 customized hotkeys on the tablet that allows performing various functions such as rotate, zoom, etc. You can kick it up a notch by programming these keys with the functions that you mostly use.
  • The battery timing of this graphics tablet for drawing is impeccable and can easily last for a day. It comes with a USB Type C port that helps charge the tablet faster.
  • Data Transmittance: The type-C USB can be used to both charge and transmit data to and from various devices.


  • Allows drawing in a ± 60 angle.
  • 10 hotkeys on the tablet and 2 on the pen for better control.
  • 10mm reading height.
  • Comes with a quick guide, two-finger glove, tip holder, 8x tips, removal tool, USB cable, and a passive pen.
  • The stylus pen is battery-free.
  • Can be connected to a computer to see your drawings on its big screen.


Parblo A610 Plus Drawing Tablet is your best bet if you want to draw on a premium grade drawing tablet. It supports a wide array of operating systems, drawing software and has good battery timing as well.

The addition of a smartpen has made this tablet even more desirable since it skyrockets the handling and accuracy to newer heights.

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