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WP Email Capture Plugin

So I recently got the opportunity to build a website for a military charity as part of my daily work duties. The entire project was on a super short time schedule so of course I was looking for the fastest way to get something live on their behalf. Part of this meant to give them things they had never thought of, but surely needed.

Built into the framework I used was a space for a plugin called WP Email capture (WordPress email capture). A super simple plugin that does just what it says and nothing more or less. Creates a field for email and name and saves it to your WordPress database.

On the back end in WordPress you can simple click export to CSV at anytime and then import it to the newsletter application or service of your choice.

The current subscribers and latest subscribes show right on a list in your WordPress admin right above the export now button. The plugin also integrates easily with one of many captcha add-ons for less spam from the bots.

A simple, clean set and forget solution that can collect the leads you would have otherwise missed. Keep in mind that everyday without something like this is traffic to your site that you may never get to engage again. This is a case of “Id rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it”.

Nothing fancy on this blog post, just a hat tip to a clean and simple solution to a need for users website.

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