5 Things I learned doing brand videos

The one or two friends I have know that I left my position as Director of Online Marketing in Charlotte at an agency. I took an in house position as a Digital Manager for an energy and utility niche company. One benefit has been the lack of specialized experts I had at the agency, leaving me in a position to expand on what I know and work on projects I otherwise would have been left to delegate.

The largest benefit of all this is that I have moved from #3 on the Adobe Premier and After Effects skills list to #1 and absorbed the pet project of our CEO of video production in house. If you are looking for a great video producer, I highly recommend Kestum Bilt video production.

First off “green screen and ultra key!”, if you don’t know what that is go to YouTube and take a tutorial or something.  We have in house green screen, lighting and high end digital toys which has made producing high end videos “easy peasy”, as my 6 year old would say.

Now as my boss said in a meeting, we’re not selling videos, which is where I come in.

A few tips to making videos that force traffic from where you find them to where you want the (the sale)

1. Know where the video will be and where the most likely source of hits will be.

This will let you know the angle to use when selling to them. You need to solve a customers need or problem. If they are likely organic traffic, then you title and description (and closed caption file on youtube) will determine what they typed when thy found you. YouTube compiles the text in your videos automatically, but their system WILL do a bad job of it and skew a bunch of your main keywords. Their mistake may cost you ranking by changing the expected topic of your video.


2. Know the demographic that best converts and plan for them

Your target market is in Houston Texas? And you have a tall blue eyed blonde guy? May seem trivial, but wouldn’t you rather error on the side of safe. Seem possible that it makes a 1% difference? Now what is 1% of you annual sales. Now pick the tone you set based on the audience. You are selling B2B to fortune 500 corporations? You better produce a polished product and make sure you exude the professionalism worthy of the high end contract you hope to land. “Jeans and screaming click here for a life changing opportunity” is likely not going to cut it. Another good tip is to tell the on camera talent to pretend that online client just sat down with them at Starbucks and asked them why should I work with you guys…..Now talk, you are the expert, make that apparent. (And for those tall blonde guys who don’t “like my tone”, I would suggest a tall tan dark haired spokesman that could also possibly be Hispanic. I cant be the only guy noticing the rise in use of dark haired female commercial actresses in hopes of getting two markets?)


3. Spend a little more for good audio.

Do you really wanna be this guy? or take the advice of this production value: I think the video says enough on this one. I single out audio because I assume you have a tripod and good lighting already. The mic on your DSLR is NOT good enough. A clip on mic that is wireless to a clip on your DSLR may cost you a few hundred dollars but the audio sets crap from decent apart quickly.

So Click This link , Buy the thing on the page, and your sound no longer sucks. Because you just don’t realize, but it does suck. (that’s the first link I have ever posted without an affiliate code in it.)

4. Shoot on a green screen, then go for a walk and find your setting.

You have your great lighting, great audio and tripod all set do you really need the environmental variables of setting it all up in a lobby somewhere? Take you DSLR and favorite lens down to that lobby and get a still photo, apply it to your green screen shot studio video after the fact and nobody is the wiser. You also have more control of light, no shadows, and can edit your backdrop in Photoshop. This works, it is cool, and you can change your background later if you don’t like it.

5. End with annotations to other videos.

Why get one video view when you can get 10. Link a series of videos from the final screen. Nothing more unprofessional that YouTube slapping up those related videos at the end and its a girl in a bikini. Still frame the last 20 second, put annotation buttons to your others videos, link out to your approved website directly or use playlist to separate videos by topic and link directly to them.

Make sure to time your buttons and calls to action with the script. When you tell them about a great offer, fly out a button even use a cursor to point it out or point at it with you finger in the video. When you tell them you have more great videos fly out that subscribe and channel link.

If someone makes it to the end of one of my videos I have failed….because Im not selling videos, I am selling the things the buttons in the video link to.


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of Sellaholics is a veteran of Analytics, PPC, Display, video, UX, conversion optimization, affiliate programs, web design and web programming since 2002. My background includes affiliate sales to 6 figures, director of a web design agency, and currently the digital manager for a leading energy company located in Huntersville, NC. From search to sale 1000 different ways is my background. Sellaholics is a Google Partner Agency.