Understand Your Mobile Website Users

So you are considering the investment of a mobile version or mobile plan for you your website. With things like cost, need, and intent of your mobile visitors to consider you have many choices, including if now is the time.

First off, yes, now is probably the time to address your mobile traffic in one way or another. At the very least it is time to look at your mobile traffic in comparison to desktop and see how visitors behave differently, and then brainstorm as to why.

Some arguments for the need for a mobile solution or plan is ways in which mobile is being utilized in the sales funnel. Mobile plays a large part in all stages of the sales process, and some of those stages depend on how your niche shops.

A May 2013 research study posted on Google shows 84% of shoppers use their mobile device while in the brick and mortar store. This is something we all do while daydreaming in the aisles.

The mobile phone has become an agent or customer service Q&A repository for the most important questions: The ones the consumer has for their own needs in making a purchase.

In the past, we have touched on “inbound marketing” as more effective due to the fact that the consumer feels it is their own idea. This same psychology comes into play in this first stage of mobile use in the sales funnel.

When you or I are in Walmart or Best Buy we have the question in my head if the DSLR tripod is sturdy since the price is so low. I come across mixed reviews, but find many that say its “a solid tripod and serves the purpose”. This was the hurdle for me on a personal level in pulling the trigger on the purchase, and it is solved.

I just received the unique answer that I needed to make the purchase and got what I was looking for on my own terms.

So how many sales and how many of the infinite questions shoppers have can you answer at the moment of making a decision?

Now this part of the benefits of a mobile solution could have taken place on the full version of a website, but the ease at which this information is accessed means valuable percentage points in your conversion rate.

If you website detected my mobile platform and featured a read reviews button, then allowed me to scan the barcode and jump to those reviews? How many customers could be pushed over the line from the satisfaction of this fast simple and thoughtful process, coupled with the answers they were seeking in those reviews?

Percentage points multiplied by millions of queries is millions of dollars every month.

When planning your mobile solution it is important to anticipate what items of information are most likely to be called upon from a mobile device and where your customer will be located when interested. A related study by Google regarding mobile ads found the same connection in motivation of those using a mobile device.


Reviews, Testimonials, compatibility issues and all other “moment of decision making” information should be most easily accessible for your mobile site users. In your research you will likely find mobile trends like more one product research, less need for cross selling items, less items moved to cart and more use of the “more reviews” button. All of these trends support this assumption on where your customers are pulling out their phones and for what.



While streamlining your mobile checkout or pushing social media interaction often get the most play. This scenario is one that highlights the likely missed priorities that could have occurred from jumping to conclusions. Your mobile site does not mean a version of your full site with larger buttons, it means a website that sells you products to a person standing and holding a phone with no intention to behave the same as a person at their desktop computer with a credit card in front of them.

When you look at behavior and common sense we see that focusing on information that push people over the finish line will likely have a better effect on you bottom line.

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