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Responsive Website? Add a Responsive Goal.

Sure you have a mobile friendly website, but is you conversion goal mobile friendly? Responsive website? how about a responsive conversion goal?

We can all agree that scaling down your mobile site is a good idea. You want to design for big fat fingers and make the most important aspect of your site most prominent. Before this can be accomplished you need to also make sure the goal is one they can actually do in places they will use their phone.

If you are just looking for a newsletter signup that is simple and works no matter where they are and on any device, but if you are trying to complete a checkout you may need to change your plan. You need to understand that your customer will be in a car, in line, at work bored or lying in bed looking at your mobile site. They won’t be completing a long check out, pulling out a CC or able to provide some information from that situation. Make sure you conversion goal can be accomplished on mobile, and if it can’t be, then invent one that can for your mobile visitors. Things like remind me later, add to wish list, email this to myself, sign up for a 10% off coupon and even the simple follow us on Facebook for a discount would be some examples! In this way you can capture them and convert later on desktop where conversion is much more likely. This is the strategy behind all of these “download our app” squeeze pages you see. It opens the door to try to sell to someone on a more favorable platform at a more convenient time.

We spend time make a checkout process smooth and trying to make our sales funnel as few clicks as possible. With this in mind you need a mobile website goal that does more than just mimic your desktop goal. Your mobile goal should be specifically easy to accomplish for someone’s thumb while they sit in their car. In the end your increased conversion rates and you increase in assisted conversions will thank you.

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