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Mobile Traffic to Non-Mobile Products?

As is no secret, my in house position as Digital Marketing Manager for the US largest independent energy supplier means a lot of odd quirks in online selling.

Aside from the countless legal, procedural and regulatory challenges it also means selling in a niche that has never been sold to before online.One of the challenges of the position has been that nobody has really tried B2C sales online for our product or industry.

The challenge that arises today is creating a mobile strategy to sell to customers who will almost never buy buy from us through their mobile device.

  • Our product in not one that is thought about when in a mobile using environment, like in your car or in line at Starbucks.
  • Our product requires comparison shopping.
  • Our product requires information from your previous service provider’s bill, something a mobile user won’t have readily available.
  • Our product requires constant rate and product updates that must be 100% accurate at all times.

The initial goal will be to create a way to reengage the user when they are on a more convenient platform, or get them to change platform based on what is in their hands.

  • Remind me later buttons
  • Lock in this quote, like Geico uses, which emails the link to continue the process later. This also creates the illusion of time sensitivity with the low price advertised. This creates an urgency to followup when more convenient.
  • Click to call based on mobile browser detection. Simply having a click to call option for mobile users placed prominently. We currently do not wish to stress this method for desktop users for operational reasons.
  • Splash page that gives limited options and allows the users to use the full website in the rare case that they wish to finish the process on their phone. Deciding on the 3-4 things a person on a phone may wish to see on our site. This means determining the most common ways a user arrives when on mobile and using that information to decide a specific set of priorities for a mobile visitor.

By utilizing a nice Mobile Dashboard for analytics and hammering down into our referrers and search queries we can decide the motivational differences we see from mobile users. We find thing like higher rates of blog links, social media visitors and referrals from sites owned by partners.

One possible course of action based on this traffic may be to create a mockup intercept page for mobile that stresses “liking” us on social media, and has content like company history, profiles and promotions that partners may wish to talk about in their sales efforts.

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