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So not my style to stop from working to admire the simplicity, intent and ease of use of a website. I am online searching SERPS pretty much every night. I arrive at work 30 minutes before anyone else everyday and am often the last to leave. I then come home and (very sadly) get in front of the computer. I have a great catchy 6 letter domain that will make a great social media website that I am trying to find time to develop. I am also sitting on top of a great EMD (exact match domain) that I will need about 5-6 days to turn into a 1200 page affiliate lead website for the home plans industry.


The short version is, I have too little time for the half done websites and affiliate income projects sitting on my brains “back burner”.

But in my frantic attempts to turn my little free time into a residual source of income I stumbled on a great Google Analytics and SEO website.

Check out this link

Clean and easy to read blog posts and lessons, very sharp and clean icons and menu and a simple floating centered design that looks great in a mobile browser.

The simplified large font website that easily converts to mobile browsers is the way of the future thus far. One page designs that use #anchor tags to jump to content and simulate fast loading user experiences are all the rage.

So, for whatever it is worth guys. Great website. Less is more in a world where half our blog’s hits are on 4 inch screens.

Now if you looked at their website and have a hard time appreciating the beauty of ease of use and clean readable layouts…

For you check out the Life of Pi website, which may be the coolest website you have ever seen in terms of bells and whistles.

(pretty good movie as well)

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