Dont Make Me Think 2014 Reviews

Dont Make Me Think Review

In the spirit of the legendary read by Usability Expert Engineer Steve Krug I will keep this discussion short and easy for web visitors to scan. I will write in such a way that your eyes will reach the outcome that you came here for.

This is a 5 star must read book for anyone that owns a website, owns a company that relies on a website or application in converting users in any way or wants to better understand how to utilize websites in general. Also recommended is the brand new 2014 3rd edition which was just released. Don’t Make Me Think, Revisited.

You can read a free chapter of this newly released book right here.

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  • Managers wanting a fresh insight on how to view all sales funnels will get great benefit from this book.
  • Web Designers will find 50 things they have done wrong in the past, most often by making a site too cute or losing sight of the goal of the website.
  • Content creators and website owners will want to delete 80% of the text on their websites, since they now know it often goes unread.

This book is an easy read that never feels like a chore at any point. This is inline with the teachings of the book. Even the slightest frustrations or having to look for what to do next is a turnoff that moves conversion rates downward.

Steve Krug provides a truly light read with such insight that you are left wondering why you ever thought differently. You will wonder why you ever spent all that time developing that flashy fly-out menu and why you felt the need to add all that bells and whistles inside your sales funnel. You will have dozens of ‘ahha’ moments, which is the goal of reading to learn.

“Users” of this book fall into the same categories as the case studies within its’ pages. They want it to be simple, they want the discoveries they make while reading it to be obvious, and they want to change they way they look at websites from the minute the finish it.

You will find all of these things within this short read.

The original book is a 5 star must read, and you can read more reviews and buy it online here.
The new updated book just came out in 3rd edition – Don’t Make Me Think, 2014 3rd edition here.

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