Classic David Ogilvy In Landing Pages

I was watching a lot of the David Ogilvy content still alive today on YouTube.

I really love his faith in the consumer, straight facts only approach, and ability to not insult his audience.

Mr. Ogilvy kept it simple, to the point and knew that this alone would be motivation enough and translate to higher return on investment. The process of knowing your target audience, their motivation and straight forward satisfaction of that motivation is what makes advertising so addictive to be a part of.

Much of the classic advertising wisdom does translate perfectly if you know what to equate it to.

The greatest application I see for the parts about speaking to your products strengths is landing page design.
When you are paying for the traffic you funnel through a landing page, it is no time to be cute.

  1. Everything you publish should have intent, know what you are trying to get the visitor to do, what they were thinking when they came to the page and why what you are writing will work for them.
  2. Be clear in what you want them to do and what they will get if they do it. “Download Now” is a better button than “learn more” as is speaks specifically as to what they will get for the action you want to occur.
  3. Cute, catchy, flashy and impressive works great in a branding sense but only leaks your traffic and takes their attention off the product and onto the ad. Word of mouth is great when its about your product and not just about your ad.

Stealing a few quotes from the classic advertising mind of David Ogilvy from this video we get these tidbits below:

“Good ad, all facts, no adjectives, all specifics…sold a lot of cars.”

“Tell the truth, but make the truth fascinating. You cant bore people into buying your product, you can only interest them in buying it.”

We then jump to a modern application of the concepts by Oli Gardener of Unbounce in a blog post he did which critiques 26 landing pages. I see modern landing pages as the perfect place to apply classic principles of advertising. There is no more raw point in the sale than the one page between new leads and conversion.

This image below, is one of the 26 pages that Oli had to concede was very well done.

I am sure we can see these straightforward advertising concepts being utilized.

To the point, descriptive about what you are offering while stating just plain facts. You are separating the ones that want what you have and those that do not and you are giving the ones that do a clear un-fluffed solution to their need.


I think Mr Ogilvy would say
“Good ad, all facts, no adjectives, all specifics…that will convert a lot of sales.”

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