What Perfect Video Marketing Looks Like

I came across this video when it had just 5,000 views and predicted it would hit 1,000,000 by weeks end. In that time period it hit 3 million views.

This post is still in creation as we are remodeling this week. We will be going over the ten things that Poo Pourrie did perfectly on their way to selling 4 million bottles of a toilet spray online.

Let’s look at 13 things this video did that I noticed, and that make it one of the best online marketing videos/concepts I’ve seen in a long time.

  1. Strong opening image. They know that when it is used in stream at the start of a video you can close it in 5 seconds. Now I see a very prim and proper lady in a bathroom stall speaking about what she just dropped off. I’m guess their close rate on this video is super low in the first 20 seconds.
  2. The title. Girl’s don’t poop. They use this in “featured video ads” and you get that title with the thumbnail of a girl on a toilet. I am guessing they have off the charts click through rates.
  3. Its outrageous and funny. The first thing my wife said (also in marketing) is “I need to put this on Facebook!”. Mission accomplished by their marketing team with that one statement.
  4. It gets you hooked (and jaw dropped) before it ever tries to sell you anything.
  5. It speaks to their target audience. They are marketing it to women and have a funny female character and scenes with her boyfriend.
  6. It keeps delivering and delivering lines. The best lines or gimmick are throughout. one minute in you are still saying “oh my god”.
  7. It has a clickable link to the website throughout entire video that is unobtrusive. When you cant take it anymore you have to see “if this is real” (in the video she states, yes it is a real product).
  8. They show you the amazon website and reviews of 4.8 stars. This lets you know it is a legitimate product that others have bought and ties itself to Amazon’s reputation. The video then sends the viewer to Amazon.com, a place they can also close the sale.
  9. Pop culture joke reference when she states its better rated than the iPhone 5. iPhone or droid lover, you will connect and laugh with the line.
  10. They show you with the money back guarantee, further building your confidence to actually close the sale.
  11. The annotation button on the screen that the actress points at which send you to the website. The marketer is walking the lead through the sale and getting them from viewer to website hit.
  12. The use of Google analytics on every link within the video. These marketers are enjoying knowing what buttons get clicked, what percentages of views turn into sales, the cost per conversion when weighed against the advertising cost and cost of production.
  13. Lastly, they hang for 8 seconds on the final shot giving viewers plenty of time to use the button on the screen before YouTube cuts it off.


The #1 most voted-up comment on YouTube right no under this video is “This is the only YouTube ad that I have never skipped.”

That says a lot.

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