SEO 101 Explaining To Your Copywriter

 Transcript: Today were going to talk about the first conversation you’re going to have with a very important person in all your online success, which is your writer or copywriter. Be it your blogger, whomever is writing PR or also importantly whomever is writing actual content on your site.

Now there’s a reason why they’re the writer and you’re not, So the last thing you want to do is detract them from projecting their personality or being themselves through their writing. Let them do their thing. But what needs to be instilled in them is, we are now writing with intent in everything that we do.

So, obviously compiling your keyword list is one of the first things that you do, and be it through one of the many tools that you normally use, that’s fine. But one basic way that you can show them to do it, is, simply come up with 3 or 4 starting points that you know apply to your niche, that you know your customers will be searching for and go ask Google.

Almost reverse engineering in this way, just put it into the Google search box, hit search, and then scroll down to the bottom of the page and look at the suggested searches at the bottom. Google is telling you what it thinks is synonymous with your search, or what it thinks aligns with what your people are searching based on your first assumption.

So you’re going to get other ideas, take anything there that you didn’t think of the first time and let’s plug that in again and lets generate that block of search ideas again. And from that we can obviously sift out the ones that don’t apply. But, this is Google telling us what it thinks is related to your products and your service.

So compile that into a text list and let’s put that to work. Be it something that your writer can check off from, you just want to make sure they work it into their daily writing in a natural way, don’t let it affect their personality.

But these are the exact match phrases that are going to matter to us, and these are what Google is telling us matches up with what our customers are going to be searching, so let’s try to include it.


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