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One of the easiest steps to implement on this on-page SEO checklist is keyword density. If you’re trying to rank your page for “cool video games,” it’s a good idea to repeat the phrase “cool video games” plenty of times throughout your page (and the rest of your site). Think about it: if your page never mentions the phrase, why should Google assume that’s what your page is about? Luckily for you, this is an extremely easy technique to take advantage of.

A lot of sites will tell you to keep your keyword density between 2% and 6% of your total word count, but there’s no need to overthink it. Use your common sense. If your page contains 4000 words, you know that 2 keyword repetitions is too little. If your page contains 50 words, you know that 10 keyword repetitions is too much. Don’t go crazy over the exact amount–just repeat your keywords as many times as you see fit, and that will greatly help your page rank for that term.

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