How to Transfer Files From GoPro over Wifi

So you are at work and you don’t have your micro SD adapter and don’t have your USB cable for your GoPro 2, 3 or 3+. How do you transfer video off a GoPro to a PC or laptop without a cable over the wifi connection?

Turn on Wifi for your GoPro and connect to it with you PC.

Then Open a browser and paste this in it

This will show you the files on your go pro, and you simply right click and “save as” to save them to your laptop of PC from your GoPro. This works without the app and without any other software. This will transfer files from your GoPro to your PC for a GoPro 2, GoPro 3 and GoPro 3+. This likely works with a GoPro 4 to transfer files to a PC, but I haven’t tested that one yet.

As you may expect transferring to your PC over wifi is not very fast, took about 25 minutes for a 1GB video file, but it is a solution to a problem that requires no software.

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  • Casey

    I know this is a fairly old post but this does indeed work on a Hero 4 Black.