H3 3D Gimble Wont Point Down or Forward?

Because there is no short and sweet answer to the question “why will the new H3 3D gimble not point straight forward and not point straight down” I will share the short answer.

You just got your Phantom 2 2.0 with the wheel on the top left of the controller and you noticed the gimble moves but does not go down or forward. The default out of the box setting is to limit it to about 20% from down or forward.

Just go to the Phantom 2 Help website at and download the software for drivers as well as the Phantom 2 Assistant 3.6 software. Now you can plug the USB into your phantom 2 2.0 and click [advanced] [gimble] and set the horizontal limit to zero [0] and set the vertical limit to zero [0]. This will limit the motion to straight forward and to straight down. This will also keep it from kicking back to the 45 degree default. You can also set the H3 3D ginble tilt gain here. I like mine very low like 4 or 5 for slower motion going from one to the other.

Now your H3 3D Gimble for the phantom 2 2.0 will point straight forward for those low crawling shots and straight down for those dizzying rooftop shots. This is the only of the H3 3D gimble for phantom 2 problems I faced right out of the box.


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