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Aerial Video Proven Effective in Real Estate

A recent study of the use of aerial video in real estate advertising showed some trends in what is breaking through the white noise and reaching consumers effectively. A study of listings and web analytics by the NCDMO, a group of marketing professionals working exclusively in the real estate field found that listings with video and specifically aerial view videos received 128% more time on page than those without – this is how to sell a house quickly.

Marketing has always been a race to present the consumer with something that will make them slow down and absorb the message. In the recent challenge of achieving successful delivery of a new homes values, aerial video has been clearly the most effective.

“Aerial video works particularly well in real estate as the unique angles and wide angle opportunities highlight architecture much better than any other medium.” Said Jim Hoskins in the study findings summary. One testing group was based around aerial video of real estate listings in the Charlotte, NC market. 500 residential real estate listings were compared, from which 47 listings that contained produced video containing aerial content. Some of the analytics that were compared were time on the listing page, time on the listing page for “engaged listings” (listings with which the viewer interacted), and total engagement after the page view on the site.

The real estate listings showed 128% longer time on page for the 47 listing utilizing aerial video as compared to the 453 which did not.

The listings showed 91% longer time on page from the engaged listings with aerial video in them. This was based on all listings that had actions clicks or full page scrolls on the being marked as “engaged”.

The comparison also showed an average of 5.7 other listings by the same listing agent being viewed when the potential customers began with a listing featuring aerial video. Consumers who began with listings lacking video only went on to look at 2.3 other listings by that same agent.

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  • Mike Toste

    I like to see this type of data! I’ve recently committed to make aerial videography part of our real estate business. In fact you can see me using it already on our page dedicated to luxury homes on Lake Norman: – I’d love to hear other’s thoughts.

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    Hey Todd , you are right bro and I am agree with your post !. Just like your Aerial Video Proven Effective in Real Estate and I also using this in my listing to buy “Lake norman home for sale” :- .. Thanks ..