Treehouse video choose your own adventure

Treehouse, Choose Your Own Adventure Video

So I am learning more about a very cool new product called Treehouse. Treehouse is essentially a design and publishing tool for interactive videos. These also go by the name multi-linear storytelling, or as us older folks liked to call them “Choose your own adventure books.” And yes, it is so cool I blogged it.

Ironically, this idea has come full circle as I was a huge fan of this type of book back in the 1980’s. And the selling points for Treehouse by its’ creators are the exact same phenomenon as the original books.

The bullet points provided in their how to video series begins with “up to 3X Average views per user.”.

This is the exact same appeal of the original books. The books would be 150 pages long and you would keep changing choices till you had gotten to the full 150.

This entire concept is not a new idea, but the platform and smoothness it provides is a new concept.

This idea had been pitched at my old agency many times. Through very creative use of annotations on YouTube you can create this same effect. The advantages of doing this on YouTube is an elevated video view count and total channel views.

Some of the other points the folks at Interlude highlight are 70-90% engagement rates and 8 times the sharing rates. The engagement rates seem pretty obvious as they are the point of such videos and the sharing has a lot to do with it being more creative than any other content available right now.

Very creative YouTube annotations also get high share rates, it’s the appreciation for something new or well thought out.

I don’t have much more to touch on the subject right now as I just start to play with the application, but I look forward to putting some of the old ideas that were difficult to pull off with simple annotations and multiple videos to the test. The possibilities are endless and super fun.

Play some Where’s Santa here

Or visit the site and get creating here.


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