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SEO Redesign, Choosing Keywords

This was inspired by a descriptive email I recently wrote discussing some of the best practices of SEO since the Panda update to a client who owns an Atlanta SEO company.

His is a very large site with multiple large section and an incredible amount of content.

The main goals of the new site aside from the obvious cosmetic upgrades was to target keywords more effectively.
We have so far compiled a list of about 1000 phrases and keywords from 2 to 4 words long. We got to this point with a much smaller list and we make a conscious effort to incude every variation and common question worded variation.

We dont just want “Charlotte Plastic Surgeon” to be targetted on many pages or sitewide. When we build a large site with alot of available content and pages we would want “Best platic surgeon Charlotte” and the question version of our keywords throughout the site like ”what does a tummy tuck cost in Charlotte?”

Now each phrase doesnt get a page of course, but each targetting page does get multiple desired possible search queries added into the content in a non stuffed sort of way. When writing copy for websites its good to have a knowledge of how people type searches and make sure to include that particular phrasing naturally throughout the site. We are exact matching every page to a phrase from a list of 1000, but we are doing it with 40 pages by writing content that includes every possible typed phrase within its’ natural flow.

Now, this is often done by other SEO’s with stuffing the footer with keywords from a list, or even the very old trick of using a dropdown or jump menu filled with keywords. But google is a smart beast and if you take the time to write your content with a list in mind the words will all find there way on the page without doing that.

On this post I’m just going to rant about some of the social stuff we have done so far. The future post on his site targetting all cities within a days drive of Charlotte and people looking for platic surgeon near to Atlanta, Miami, Raleigh and other places will be some very sharp ideas.

I will write a seperate page about how we address the many cities he serves, how we did some very creative things with his Youtube channel to make his site get ranked and not just Youtube’s pages and Ill discuss how we redid the folder structure of the site to the best practices of SEO.

First we start out with the social aspect of the site. The previous site not having much in the way of social media having been designed in 2005. We have of course made every page sharable on the top social media platforms with a button right at the top of every page.

For this site, we are selling a professional service of him being a Charlotte Plastic Surgeon but he also has tons of hand written content about procedures like Liposuction, breast augmentation, breast lifts and abdominaplasty or tummy tucks. All this means alot of shareable content and alot of content that people with questions will be searching for with question mark loaded queries.

We located his social buttons next to the content itself. I find that LIKE buttons get a lot more action when placed next to the text of an article or service. Also at the end of articles and reviews you can even encourage people to share the page.

“If you liked this share with your other friends on facebook wondering about Charlotte plastic surgery prices.”

Not only is that motivation to them to share, but there is one of our 1000 keywords for people searching for plastic surgery prices.

We may even take this a step further and write a bit of PHP code to grab keywords from our list to incorporate into that “please share” message. Perhaps whatever they searched to find the page can be swapped in for better chance they share it due to perfect relevence?

Social Media and some stuff we did with this client

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