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We recently responded to a request to review a website because it had been suddenly and rapidly dropped in the Google rankings.
The website sells jewelery, is an older software based online store that has been online for 10 years. WHen the change is sudden and the site is old and unchanged, the only logical thought is that something Google looks for is changed.

The site is

In the first 5 minutes this is a few of the SEO errors and tips we gave. The problems seemed obvious and glaring so this is just a quick look at the most glaring issues for this website in the eyes of Google and more specifically the Panda update.

All your image links on the homepage int he middle goto links like this…html&NOLOGIN=1

They then hit that page like this:

-EQUIV="refresh" CONTENT="0; URL=">

setTimeout("ForwardPage()", 1000);
function ForwardPage()
var sURL = '';

Please wait for your browser to forward you to the next page or click here.

Not gonna say anything is set in stone but you have a dozen main links front and center that hit meta refresh pages.
Do the same thing with a MOD rewrite, and get this page out of the middle.

I dont even like putting that code on my blog, it stinks of black hat redirects that badly. I know it isn’t intended that way, but as I just wrote recently a lot of innocent white hate designs look alot like the black hat cousins.

Bit more…goto…key_rings.html, the title of the page is keyrings, now click any of the keyrings you have for sale….the title of all the products is simply “key rings”, so everything in the category has identical title tags, and as far as I have seen they all have the same keyword tags as well.

The meta tags never change, including the title.

Where to start?

Design the site to pull the product title, and put it into the title tag so every product has AT LEAST a unique title tag. You can then set the title as a variable, and have it appear throughout the page in alt tags, desc tag and other places so the products are different from one another.

perhaps also pull the very limited product descriptions and use it as a meta description tag.

Consider adding more of a description to each product, the short 2 line descriptions doesn’t do much to make each page unique.
Perhaps put some listing for “similar items” for sale below each item so that products in each category seems a little more unique as well.

The site suffers from hundreds of pages being only a line or two different from hundreds of lines of very heavy code.
The decription is the inly unique item on the page and it is over 120 lines down in the HTML code.

There is a TON of code on every page that is iodentical, couple that with you tags all being the same for every product and you have alot of pages that look close to identical code-wise.
That issue and the meta refreshes you use, look like a good place to start.

The difference betweeen this product…p_keyring.html

And this product:…r_keyring.html

Is exactly 3 sentences from about 180 lines of code. Every tag, alt and tons of css and styling is 100% the same.

Item #1 heavy template footprint. Your site is about 1% unique on each product, including the most important spots like the page title.

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