One Way To Choose A Good Domain Name

Today were going to talk about finding a great idea for a domain name for your next website or online project. It is important, because after you put all the time and energy into branding it over the first few months. If you’re not happy with the name it’s always going to bother you.

One way I like to do this is go to and look through their closeout auction section. Basically, this is where Godaddy gets to sell the domain right before the registration ends. In this way you can go there and sort them anyway you want, I prefer to do it by .com only, that the ones that have value. Set it to 10 years and older that it’s been around.

Now you’ve got a domain that people took the time and has got links already going to it, and when you buy it in this way you get to keep the original registration date. So you’re buying a 10 year old domain, which in a lot of people minds has a lot of SEO value itself.

You can sort it a variety of ways, valuation is one of the factors that Godaddy puts in there, I wouldn’t put much stock in that, because there are a lot of people out there that are faking the number of hits and traffic going to it and inflating that valuation number and inflating the amount of traffic and trying to turn a profit in that way. S

o stick to what you know, which is the name that catches your eye, that is .com, and that is an old domain, and you’re going to get the best of the best. You’re going to get the best of everyone else’s ideas, and that’s what you’re picking from.

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