Marketing on YouTube

Setup Your Own Channel
On YouTube it is possible to create what is known as a channel. A channel belongs to you and is a way to feature all of your videos. Channels are customizable and can be promoted, which is a great way to increase views.

Add More Friends

Even though YouTube is a website that focuses on videos, it is still technically a social networking site. You can add all of your friends and look for new ones within the site. More friends can be added at any time, and there are a couple of ways to constantly find new friends that have an interest in your business. One way is to participate in the bulletin board feature of your videos and videos from other members. Another effective way of finding more friends is to join several groups on Youtube, and to create your own for others to join.

Don’t Neglect Your YouTube Profile

Every member on YouTube can fill out a profile, and this is a must for everyone who wants to market their business through the site. Once you have a complete profile, you can think start linking videos to it. You can easily promote your business profile this way, because you can link your own videos to any other pages found on YouTube and then set it up so that anyone who clicks on any of your videos will be directed to your profile. Once someone can see your full profile, it is possible for them to click on the provided links to your business website.

Make Playlists

People visiting YouTube often use playlists of other members to find interesting videos, and the power of playlists is often underestimated. You can create many playlists that focus on popular topics in order to attract many people, and as they are viewing the videos on the list always include one of your own videos to market your business.

Include the Right Information in Your Videos

Regardless of how effective all tactics used to attract people to your videos are, it will all be for nothing if you don’t include the right information in the videos themselves. The videos should be informative, witty, unique and relevant to the business. A good method is to copy the format used by extremely popular videos on YouTube. At the end of your business video, always encourage the viewers to join in or subscribe to your business website. This is often excluded from videos, even though it is necessary to convey this information since not everyone will know about your business or even know that they can subscribe to things like updates or newsletters.

If you keep these five tips in mind, you will soon see some positive results. YouTube has a lot of great features and all of them can be used to market your business and effective increase traffic, subscribers and paying customers without having to invest a fortune or spend a lot of time searching for potential customers.


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