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Google patents may want to list a few patents on self control. In searching out the Google Engage Pizza box promotion to learn more about this campaign I came across some weird results. When searching Google engage pizza box on Google .com I get one article at the top about the promotion itself and the next 9 results are all listings for companies that have patented pizza box designs. Considering I haven’t used the word “patent” in my search, and I did use the very powerful terms “Google” and “pizza” I am having a hard time believing that patents are what is most relevant to the result.Part of this type of SERP is often how much juice a site, site folder, or site’s page has. The Google patents service has existed since December of 2006 and I can’t say I ever remember a SERP being so stuffed with results from them.

Might be time for Google to turn the “knob” down a little bit on how important these pages are for people searching.

If I didn’t type “patent” or a “synonymous” term I don’t think I need 14 of the top 15 pages listed being from a single Google website.

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