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Comment spam, yes we all got it.

I was tracking backwards some of the comment spam I get on my countless wordpress installations and came across some internet novices in need. They were on a post regarding the same email address that had found its’ way to me. The author of this post had listed a large handful of the email addresses spamming him.

ivanballard35@gmail.com, ivanballard4@gmail.com, ivann.bllrdivan@gmail.com, ivanballardbi@gmail.com, ballardivan396@gmail.com, ballardivan6@gmail.com, ivanballardivn3@gmail.com , ivanballardd317@gmail.com , lvann.bllrdivan@gmail.com , ivanballard4@gmail.com, bllrd.ballardIvan@gmail.com stellafair71@gmail.com, stellafair88@gmail.com , stellafair2@gmail.com, stellafair271@gmail.com, stellafair217@gmail.com ramonelliot.ramon@gmail.com, ramonelliot316@gmail.com, ramonelliot049@gmail.com, and ramonelliot438@gmail.com, rmnelliot@gmail.com , ramonelliot9@gmail.com , ramonelliot278@gmail.com , ramonelliot31@gmail.com

First off, if you have a wordpress blog then you have gotten the same garbage on a daily basis. If you dont get this kind of spam you likely don’t rank high enough to earn it. If anyone is telling you that they are bookmarking your website…. They’re not.

So for the SEO/Blog newbies who do not really know what is up with these constant “fans” bookmarking your website” and they “love your design”, and they are asking about “browser compatability” or “their cousin told them about your site”….welcome to the world of Scrapebox lists.

I simply respond to some of the responses of the people annoyed by this like you:


 ”meaning these people spend a lot of time doing manually their spam scheme! “

^ False, there are many ways around your captcha, like deathbycaptch, imagetotext and others. Which are services their programs use to complete the captchas automatically. None of these people are wasting days on this.

“I’ll be blocking his IP address too”

^ Waste O’ Time All automated black hat programs use proxy lists and they will be back with one of 10K differnet IP Addresses, you wont waste even 5 seconds of their time blocking a single IP.

“This kind of random, poorly elaborated emails is all what their clients end up with”

^ They dont care. They just want the link and to beat spam filters. These comment spammers use “spintax: which is a “code” or sorts for presenting text to get completely different versions everytime. If they took the time to write the “spintax” by hand they would get somewhat good versions but again they use an automated service that genetares the random code based on a Thesuarus database so it tends to be crappy english but at the same time is often good enough to appear legit to Google. If its made by a computer program it will be accepted by a computer program is the thinking.


So what can you do to end this? Nothing that will fix it 100%.

What you can do that may help you somewhat.

  1. Goto your wordpress footer.php file and remove the version number and the phrase “powered by wordpress”, this is called a “footprint” which means unique identifying phrase the spammer is using to find your site and put you on the list to begin with.
  2. Use a CAPTCHA, wont solve too much but will at least force them to slow down, not use “fast posting mode”, and it will cost them .0001 $ for the captcha service :)
  3. Never let your site autoapprove comments. Autoapprove is not the default for WordPress, so you are probally ok already, but if you do allow it you will end up on every list in Pakistan/russia/USA/India because you just became the fastest and easiest link in town. AA (autoapprove) lists are worth their weight in gold.
  4. Im saving the good tips for myself, because this is why you cant stop it…..they see what you are doing and change it up.

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