Amazon Cyber Monday Assault is often used as the measuring stick of successful online store implementation, user experience and how to build a store that converts. The legendary book Don’t Make Me think by Steve Krug, a usability expert, mentions in almost every chapter as the gold standard of how to build and run a store properly.

This week was Black Friday, and of course followed by the “Cyber Monday” spinoff. During this long weekend I received a marketing push from Amazon that was the equivalent of the Nationwide Warehouse commercials I grew up on. In my work email box, not my more used personal, I received exactly 22 emails from Amazon and Amazon Local in the 7 day stretch from November 25 and December 2 (Cyber Monday).

I have only made on purchase with this account ever for green screen materials and clamps about 3 months back. A recent article on the Houston Chronicle on the subject of intrusive marketing practices describes the need for balance with “The trick is to catch the attention of prospective customers without making them feel assaulted.”

I think the missing variable here is that this is from Amazon. When you have built your brand into a household name nobody calls it spam.

“That’s not spam that’s from Amazon”.

I would be very interested in seeing the open and unsubscribe rates Amazon experienced through this period. I assume Amazon has built so much good will with their faithful customers and the reward outweighs the risk in this assault of email marketing. Is anyone really going to complain in a meaningful way?

Just blast the bejesus out of their entire mailing list, get super low open and conversion rates but accept any sale as gravy.

Where else would people go anyway? Overstock?


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