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I added the greatest YouTube video ever above (FUNTWO) to keep you company while you read the YouTube marketing tool article about Freemake Software.

Gotta have a weapon of choice is the YouTube game.
YouTube marketing is clearly a game of quality beats quantity. If youhave a video of interest or that has any form of viral qualities, then you have a long term winner. You can have your information and links inside your channel or under the video itself letting people know who brought them the fun, entertaining or informative content.

But with so many video clone sites out there, and the use of off-YouTube embedding, people often will watch you video without going to YouTube to see your business information.

I will not pretend to be the tycoon of YouTube marketing tips, but I have used it in a “quantity and longevity over quality” way.
If you can;t think of the next viral hit, or you are not the next FUNTWO you can also go simple and upload fun or informative videos with your company’s logo or watermark on them.

You can guarentee people will be seeing your domain name or logo for years to come, even if only 1 person a day. YouTube and watermarking YouTube videos can be one of the great “set and forget” marketing tools for your business or website.

Well, here is your new best friend FREEMAKE is a free video converter and uploader. There are a million ways to upload videos to YouTube and convert video formats, but this is one of the smoothest running and nicest pieces of free software I have ever seen for YouTube marketing.

Just drag you 2,3 or 20 videos into the desktop, edit them, add a subtitle file with your company or website and enter your YouTube account info. Press convert and they are converted to any format and uploaded to YouTube with one button.

Watermark in place, video live to the world with your brand on it for a decade to come.

Cheap, infinite marketing that takes just 2 minutes.

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