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Got RSS? You got Twitter traffic!

A good SEO views the internet like a real estate market.

A real estate market where you can buiild anything you want in any location you want. We can also move our trailer with no value to the coast and make a waterfront mansion out of it. The trailers are on page #11, the beach front valuable mansions are on page #1….but with a bit of time and skill you can sneak in during the night and move some other guys mansion and park yours there.

This is just a bit about my latest love “Twitter automation”, which won’t turn your trailer into a mansion, but will increase the value of your online real estate little by little over time.

If you watch Twitter feeds like I watch Twitter feeds, in the neighborhood of 20 searches and 50 accounts at a time, then you have seen the words

Twitterfeed is a service that will take your blogs RSS feed and post it as tweets with automatically shortened links to you page.  It isn’t the most cutting edge wasy for advanced Twitter automation, but a nice simple solution for most people to easily utilize.

This also isn’t the bet solution to build a relationship with customers through social media marketing, but it does keep your Twitter account active and make sure your followers see everything you do. If you want the best result on Twitter it’s about engaging your readers and enticing them to respond and provide you with feedback and buzz.

To let a single post go unlinked and Tweeted is to leave something untapped. In driving traffic this is the #1 mistake, to not grab every hit you can when compiling an maximum vistor interaction number for your site.

My thinking for something that may only provide 10 visitors a week like a Twitter feed for a small or medium local business? If it’s on autopilot, hwy not take 5 minutes to set it up?

And the above small scale scenerio is just for those of you with a blog feeed with semi-interesting things to talk about…

Now what if you have an online store? You have new products added constantly? Perhaps built on Magento PHP platform?

Now you have something a bit more interesting to your shoppers, you have an RSS feed of all new products listed that will provide a tweet and link to the new product page everytime you add one.

Twitterfeed will check a maximum of every 30 minutes, and provide a new tweet everytime there is something new on top of your RSS feed, or every new product in this Magento online store example.

So find the feed on your site, you store or your blog and goto and set up an account to connect to it. You enable access to your twitter account and set the RSS feed URL and you never have ot sign in again.

One popular blog I do SEO and updates for now has 3 accounts each with 3000 followers on Twitter each just from the automated tweets that took 5 minutes to establish.

These feeds to Twitter account for about 5% of all click through incoming traffic on the site.

This is not a huge number, but it only increases and requires no time on my part expended ever again.

Set it and forget it is the motto of the smart SEO, the “online real estate agent” who builds sites with a plan in mind that will grow on its’ own.

The next post will be about those of us building something original. Sometime we dont have an RSS feed, or maybe one post every 30 minutes isn’t fast enough for you? I got your solution for that.

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