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Custom Audience Ads Hold Huge Potential

Do you have a list of customers, a list of newsletter recipients or list of people who may have been customers in the past? You are likely missing out on a huge marketing opportunity.

If you don’t use custom audiences in these types of ways, immediately fire your digital marketing team and draw mustaches on any photos of them you have lying around.

Social media ads haven’t always been the media darling that Google search ads have been. Google ads always presented the desirable motivated customer who is actively seeking a product that social ads could not. Social ads have also been viewed as more intrusive and invading of personal space.

It is important to take another look at the ways social media platforms have been working to find their own advantages and value offerings to advertisers. Social media ads offer many targeting option that you just cannot get from Google’s platforms. The ability to target customers based on demographics, past likes, page and group memberships and various affinity categories allows you to instantly brand and message almost any group or interest.

One very large advantage social platforms like Twitter and Facebook offer is the ability to import customer lists and locate the matching social media account. With a customer list of email addresses or phone numbers you can instantly (30 min) import and create a custom audience from any list you may have access to.

Useful examples?

  1. List of customers that have come onboard or purchased for the first time in the past month?
    Import that list and name it new customers. Message them of other offering they may not be aware of and cross sell to them.
  2. List of active members from one year ago?
    Cross reference this with you current active member list and find who is missing. Now import that list and label it “customers who have left since last year. Now get your creative team going on a selling point to win them back and message them specifically.
  3. List of customers who bought one certain product in the past years which now has a newer version or upgrade?
    You can message them the advantages of the new version and drive a very specific and interested group of buyers to your new offering.

The best part?

The best part is that, relatively speaking, these are very small target audiences. Even a list of 50,000 is small in the social media targeting world. Your campaign will often come with a very low price tag and convert at a very high rate.

You have the tools in hand to do the best kind of marketing: The specific, personal, targeted and high converting kind.



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