Bad Tweet Practices

15 Facts That Will Improve Your Twitter Game

I sure do hate link bait posts like “top 5 ways you to get the job!” or “7 gifts every girl will love every time!”. This type of social media bait is the scourge of LinkedIn and similar platforms. In the world of Twitter there are more people than ever are “doing it wrong”. Today every person with an iPhone thinks they are a social media marketing expert. For those who aspire to be “slightly better” based on facts and don’t use CAPS LOCK, here are some real tips for Twitter. You can also get a headset for PC to video chat with someone.

15 things to consider before you waste another 140 characters.

  • “Tweets 71-100 characters in length receive the most retweets.” – Track Social
  • “Tweets with more than 100 characters receive 17% less engagement than tweets with between 70 and 100 characters.” – SalesforceMarketingCloud
  • “In Twitter, an image adds an average of 35% more engagement than a tweet without an image.” – Twitter Blog
  • “ URLs are most retweeted. Over 15X more likely to be retweeted than the second-best tinyURL. I analyzed 30M+ Retweets and compared to over 2M random Tweets to find the most Retweetable.” – Dan Zarella/Hubspot
  • “In a random sample of normal Tweets, 18.96% contained a link. 3 times that many ReTweets (56.69%) included a link.” – Dan Zarella/Hubspot
  • “Tweets with more then three hashtags have much lower engagement and click through rates than those with fewer than three.” – Julie Blakley/Postano
  • “Time of day has near-zero impact on your chances of getting at least one Retweet of your tweet.” – Eric Enge/Stone Temple Consulting
  • “In Twitter, a Tweet with an image gets an average of 35% more engagement than a Tweet without an image.” – Twitter Blog
  • “Place links (URLs) about 25% of the way through (the tweet).” – Dan Zarella/Hubspot
  • “1 – 2 hashtags at the end of a tweet score more engagement than when mixed in the tweet.”
  • “Categorical searches are not as popular as you might think. Piggybacking on an already-trending hashtag is also important.” – Kathrina Tiangco/AudienceBloom
  • Action words drive positive actions in Twitter. “After analyzing 200,000 link-containing tweets, I found that tweets with more adverbs/verbs had highter click-through-rates than noun and adjective-heavy tweets.” – Dan Zarella/Hubspot
  • “Quotes get a 19% boost in Retweets.” – Simon Rogers/Twitter
  • “Tweets over 125 characters have the least retweetability. When accounting for your account name in the character-count of a retweet, there’s little/no possibility for the retweeter to be retweeted.” – Saul Fleischman
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