The Facebook 20% Rule Workaround

If you have been involved in any sort of paid social media campaign building then you know about the pesky Instagram and Facebook 20% rule. Facebook will reject any ads that use over 20% of the image for text. Now the pesky part is that this is determined by a grid system in which any portion of the grid which text touches counts as a whole unit.

“Ads that have more than 20% of text in their image won’t be approved to run on Facebook or Instagram.”

The same page that points out this standard also included a tool to upload and test you images so you do not have to waste an afternoon waiting just to get it rejected.

A few points on this subject.

  1. If the grid tool says you are over 20% that does not mean it will be rejected. Experience has shown it to be pretty forgiving and not a very exact science. Ads that get accepted today may get rejected next week when you upload them anew.
  2. Yes your logo and disclaimer will most likely get counted against your 20% mark.
  3. They screening process is clearly using an automated image scanning script to identify text. The shady folks in basements with scrapebox and GSA have been enjoying this sort of tool for years.

Facebook text RuleNow this last one is key. Text is identified by texture, nature of the font, spacing of the font, and morphological characteristics of the letters and numerals. OCR programs (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Optical_character_recognition)  can easily identify and even read with good accuracy “any” text.

For this to work there does need to be a certain level of contrast. You will notice in my sample 3 ads got approved.

One of them moved the disclaimer into the same grid blocks as the value proposition thus using less total grid blocks.

The other two have the same layout as ones that were rejected, but used light text on a light colored space on the background, thus avoiding detection while still getting the thumbs-up from the lawyers.

I am not advocating making your disclaimer hard to find, just pointing out one consideration for those ads you love that are being stubborn getting approved.




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