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Charlotte Facebook Marketing Died or Retired?

I am an avid domainer (domain buyer), It can be 11pm in bed trying to sleep monitoring my expired domain app on android, I enjoy the common sense advantage. For the most part people who buy and try to sell domains on eBay or through Sedo are complete morons.

Someone needs to let most of them know “great-house-ideas.com” is not worth $1500, nor worth even the $7 to buy it. Most people who try out domain buying have no idea what makes a domain valuable and what does not.

So one of the things I monitor are local domains that are available after many years of consistent use.

Today someone who was a Charlotte Facebook Marketer appears to have thrown in the towel. When you watch expiration lists you see blocks of dropping domains that obviously had the same owner with some plan in mind. I really enjoy the fun of trying to guess “what the hell was that guy thinking of when he bought that?” Because when a domain like Jesusiscool.com dropped yesterday after 9 years of ownership (I wanted it) its funny thinking that every domain comes with a story in mind and poerson who had a plan for it to be the “next big thing”

EDIT: Turns out it was ccpwebdesign.com that had this brainstorm 2 years ago. But seems like the enjoy buying up keyword domains and redirecting them since they also own about 5 web design domains all redirected to the same site.

Today’s example is just one of my fellow social media marketers here in Charlotte tried to corner the market on Facebook Charlotte related terms for their business.

  • Charlottefacebook.com (charlotte facebook)
  • facebookcharlotte.com
  • facebookmaretercharlotte.com
  • socialmediamanagementcharlotte.com (social media management Charlotte)
  • reputaitonmanagementcharlotte.com

Today these domains and about 5 others all expired. Tempting for me to grab them all for the same idea as he had to brand myself as the premier Charlotte social media expert ,… but not really enough value in a local term related to such a nationally search item.

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