Blondes have all the fun on LinkedIn?

If you go to you linked in Profile and choose “Who Viewed Me” then choose “How you rank for profile views” tab you get to see how you rank for total profile views compared to those in your network.

I was at about 71 of 190.

What was more interesting is the appearance that the old adage “blondes have all the fun” seems to hold some water. I have a wide assortment of marketing professionals but when the top 10 in my network based on their total page views is looked at, well you tell me if I’m crazy. (image left)

linkedin-viewsNow you can scroll to look at the next 10 in your network. The next 10 in my network based on their total profile views was comprised of 7 men and no women appearing under age 35.

You can then scroll to where “you ” are located. I was located at #71, and between 70 and 80 there was again 7 men of the 10 profiles.

So I am able to view 31 total slots, 6 women in the top 7 slots, 4 of which are blonde, all of which are somewhat young.

The slots 11-20 and 70-80 had no blonde women in them, and only 2 younger looking profile pictures. But hey, maybe a coincidence, everyone should use the process above to look at their own. Or maybe blonde younger women make good link bait on LinkedIn?

Articles on the use of attractive people in advertise show many a study supporting this fact. Attractive people used in advertising (for themselves) cause a loss in rational thought by the subject viewing it and lesser decision making.

A 1993 study with the hypothesis that attractive people sell better used all this gibberish to say yes, yes it does.

To test hypothesis 1, physical attractiveness’ influence on attitude towards clothing, a regression of equation (1) yields a significant contribution of model attractiveness on the total variance explained (F=440.93 (1, 3548), p<=0.0001). An Fadd statistic formed by omitting model attractiveness from the full model confirms the effect of model attractiveness (Fadd=77.31 (1, 3548), p<=.01), providing further support for hypothesis 1.

I admit I didn’t read the entire lengthy study. But, either way, I am getting highlights this week.

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