best social media for traffic

Best social networks for traffic?

So I am reading this post on Unbounce about tracking social media conversions. Part of the post touches on setting up advanced segments to deal with social media in your analytics tracking and KPI’s.

The author shows you how to enter the top social networks into an AND statement set of rules to track the most popular networks sent traffic.

The third on the list is, with the notes “This network is right up there with Facebook as one of the highest traffic generating social media sites.”

The author provides a link to’s total stats for the United Sates as it pertains to social media websites.

Statcounter was something I used exclusively in the early days of SEO as a very good free web stats solution and has a pretty big following even today.

The authors link includes the preloaded dates for the year 2010 and sure enough Stumbledupon is right on Facebook’s heels averaging around 32% of all social traffic to Facebook’s 45%. Twitter is a distant third at around 8% with YouTube around 7%.

As we fast forward to today and the past 12 months I am surprised to find Facebook at a dominant 50%, Pinterest in second around 25% and Twitter a distant third again around 9%.

Surprisingly, Reddit and Stumbledupon show a higher monthly average of traffic sent than Twitter for the year as a whole.

A useful and insightful little tool here online from the golden days of SEO, and an interesting result that you wouldn’t expect with all the buzz around Twitter.

Twitter is a platform that just does not generate outside clicks as much as a marketer would like. Twitter and the entire hash tag system tend to generate more tweets and not clicks in my experience. With retweeting and online conversations tweets tend to beget more tweets and not much more.

Pinterest is showing up as the overachiever of the group due to the nature of the “pin”. Pinterest has the value of linking back to the source of every pin.

“So recently you may have noticed an influx in pins with URLS in the description of the pin. Well, that is because every time someone “pins” a pin with a URL attached, a new backlink is created.”

Imagine if every tweet included a link to your website and every retweet carried that link with it?

The nature of the network

Also important to keep in mind is the use of each network and it’s perception by those using it. Twitter plays as a platform for people to speak. The goals of twitter is to tweet and respond, to create snippets of content.  When everyone is creating their own everything is going in and nothing is coming out.

Pinterest exists to pin and re-pin. It is a site to collect things that appeal to you and scrapbook them as your own. Users choose from what is on Pinterest and repeat it as an affirmation of its “coolness”.

On Pinterest users are taking out more than putting in, leaving the door open for marketers to spend their time putting in the content.

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