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A Nice Basic Mobile Traffic Dashboard

My day today has been filled with mobile vs. non mobile comparisons as we move forward with some mobile traffic and website changes. My main project at work has never really required this based on historically low mobile usage and the nature of the product we sell. Our B2C offering requires information that just cannot be accessed while on a mobile device, and for this reason it has been back shelved for some time.

As we push for more social media and promotional traffic sources we have seen a sharp spike in mobile visitors. We have gone from about 15% to 25% in overall mobile usage on our main sales pages and have seen much more engagement during those visits. These items have meant creating more metrics by which to measure the value in mobile changes.

This is my link to the rudimentary mobile vs. non mobile dashboard I am using, and now you can too.

Google Analytics Mobile Website Traffic Dashboard.

This link alone will only put the metrics in place, you will need to create or use 2 traffic segments to make it show you what you want.

So click that link and install it on your Google Analytics dashboards. Next click the down arrow in the top left of the dashboard to expand your segments. If you don’t see a mobile only segment already in place (you will), then choose:

  • Create New Segment
  • Click Conditions
  • Click Add Filter
  • Choose “Device Category” from the Content dropdown
  • Choose the condition exactly matches > “mobile”
  • Save your now “mobile only segment.

Now repeat these steps with the condition “does not contain” to create a non-mobile traffic segment.

Now select these two segments and choose perhaps the last 90 days and see the behavior differences between the two.

A wide gap in bounce rate and time on site are two strong signals that it may be time to take some action, but you need to consider the sources of a bulk of your traffic. There will always be a gap in these basic metrics, but depending on the goal of your website, what you consider a conversion and if you generate a lot of traffic from PPC, and it might not be a cause for concern.

You will notice I add a social source widget on this dashboard. I expect you will see that you have a strong mobile presence from mobile, we all have it.

Some other considerations relative to my situation that may be different for yours:

Segmenting out tablet traffic, may or may not be too important to your website. The one I use this with has almost identical conversion, time on site and bounce rates between tablet and desktop due to how the site appears on both. For this reason, I segment only mobile vs. non-mobile only.

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