Content Marketing

Content and inbound marketing are relatively new terms in the online lead generation world. The concept is not a new one, it is merely one that has evolved to the point that it requires its’ own category of expertise. In essence content marketing is what the name implies. Through the use of content marketing and generating steady amounts of content companies can lay the traps for their customers. Some common forms would be blog marketing, some crossover with social media marketing, PR and news service marketing, RSS feed related marketing, white papers and Info graphics to name just a few. The power of content marketing is in the psychology and long term value.


First, the psychology of content marketing is a real thing. Content that establishes you as an authority has many positive effects. We are only concerned about the sale and improving conversion is one of these effects. A Charlotte content marketing company that creates content people will discover on their own time in the places they choose. Content that a shopper discovers on their own terms has inherently more trust. One of the most powerful aspects of content marketing is allowing the user to feel that a purchase was their decision even when it was your well laid plan.


A second advantage of content marketing lies in the long term. Content online that your business controls means you have more ambassadors for the message you wish to create. By saturating the internet with the messaging you set in the planning stages you are increasing conversion rates for years to come. Content will last well beyond the month it was published. Content Marketing offers brand recognition advantages, industry promotion, creation of a need and residual sales years after you have moved on to the next campaign.

  • Great writers with knowledge of subject matter.
  • Insight to what makes the customers seek out your product and solution.
  • Thought and planning into the customer’s emotional state at the time of the interactions.
  • Ease of the next step or solution you are providing.
  • Creation of content that tempts sharing.
  • Creating content that draws in the click by readers and offers value in them sharing.