Testimonial Video Production for Charlotte, NC Client

Testimonials should always be taken in video format whenever possible. Video testimonials and producing quality testimonial videos have advantage on many levels. Video content has a knack for lasting long. Video testionials represnt a smart long game strategy to SEO and branding. A video can occupy multiple domains like YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion. On each domain it can be titled and labeled with different usages of keywords for your business. Each of these will represent a new and strong organic listing in Google and Bing-hoo that will be accompanied by a click inducing thumbnail. Video listings reside on “safe” domains, making them bulletproof to updates (mostly) and destined to attract people to your brand for years to come. When you invest in producing a Video testimonial you should view your ROI based on the trickle of traffic over many many years. In this way you can get a positive page for your business online with little invested that is sure to last many years. Providing great, simple and customer charming production of video testimonials is something I love to do and highly recommend as a marketing strategy. This Video testimonial production was a free add on for a recent client in Charlotte, NC. A way to over deliver to a great client.