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$150 Charlotte Aerial Video Footage Special

Could you put soaring footage of your business, event, hotel, home or anything else to use?

It is the slow season for aerials used for real estate so HD cameras are sitting on the ground looking to be used. Contact us and let us know what, when and where and we will produce great footage from 50-100-200-400 feet. Slow pushing in shots, circling 360 view shots and straight down dizzying architectural shots of your project.

$150 is dirt cheap, so of course there is a catch, but not much of one. What you get is a pilot for 30 minutes of aerials shooting 1080p video. You get finishing and color correcting of the raw footage and in the end you get 15 solid minutes of raw premium aerials clips to call your own.  It is up to you to cut, edit or find a way to put that great footage to use, but it is yours and a super cheap way to see your marketing from another perspective.

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$150 Charlotte Aerial Video Footage Special