Aerial Video and Aerial Photography

If you Charlotte business or real estate listing is looking for something extra to use in marketing material then consider getting your customers a new perspective. Put the stunning images of aerial drone video in your social media, video advertising and marketing campaigns this week. Providing HD Aerial Video for Charlotte, North Carolina and the Rock Hill region that will leave your next customer staring at your home for sale, business, vacation spot or anything that needs a fresh look for your campaigns.

  • Aerial video can be accomplished on short notice.
  • Aerial video can be accomplished for less than you expect.
  • Aerial video can be completely non-intrusive to your event or business.


Video will be color graded and finished in Adobe Premier CC 2014 and the raw footage is yours to use. All footage is 1080p wide angle for stunning landscapes and perspectives or corrected for normal field of vision. 2.7 K aerial video footage and full UHD 4k aerial video and photography is also available.

Some common uses of aerial video in marketing and advertising include:


Aerial video for golf courses

Charlotte area golf courses would benefit from stunning sweeping low shots running up each fairway and over each green. Aerial golf course video of every hole in the direction it plays can have countless applications for course owners. High above shots to showing the entire landscape of a golf course makes stunning aerial video every time.


Aerial Video for Real Estate Promotion

Aerial video for your real-estate means that you can get outstanding never seen aerial pictures and video from a birds eye view or sweeping low landscape dolly-like shots. Listing your properties with original and stunning shots that highlight the entire property and design of the home will bring you more views by more perspective buyers. Did you know that real estate listings with aerial video get 128% more view time per listing than those without?


Recreation Facilities And Vacation Spots

HD Aerial video for your vacation location, hotel, resort or camp ground help you to project the true beauty of what you are promotion. In recreation and travel beauty is the product in most locations, so find a better way to captivate your audience with it. Aerial drone video of you vacation spot, cabin or hotel will draw more eyes than your competition is able without.


Aerial Video For Sports & Events

Have a festival, gathering outdoors or sporting event that would look stunning with rising and panning shots getting the entire thing in one frame. Contact us today and lets make that happen for less than you imagine. A phone call and $200 will get you stunning footage of your event, crowd or sporting event. Contact me right now and let’s make it happen.

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