Charlotte SEO Agency

12 years of personal and professional experience in all forms of online selling that began in 2002 with selling on Amazon and running multiple eBay powerseller accounts from a studio apartment that grossed near 500k annually. The experience has evolved when I needed to learn more in order to branch out. My expert experience grew to programming, domaining, web design, Certified Analytics and Adwords management, UX planning and all other steps in the sales funnels of the internet.

I have been gifted the opportunity to serve as a Charlotte SEO for great clients like Salsarita’s Restaurant Franchises 71 locations, The City of Charlotte, Charlotte Center City Partners, Mercedes Benz of Cincinnati and manage e-commerce projects with 6 figure spends and 15,000+ products.

This has always been the appeal of SEO as a versatile and flexible way to generate a real commodity that is independent of industry. All traffic has value to someone and when looking at the big picture of affiliate marketing it generally is more valuable in my hands than served up for a client.

When I do work on a client’s web property, I do it out of a sense that I like to see good people get what is important to them done right.  On occasion I also take on new SEO and Adwords campaign accounts and clients to network and expand my experience in all markets.

Experience is the only background worth investing in when choosing a digital marketer for your company needs.

Did the person you just hired pass a 2 day seminar online and become an expert in a field so complicated and fast changing that very few have all the answers ever.

In Charlotte I have been doing this since the very first of them. The leaders of the now leading SEO companies in Charlotte all began the game back when I also did and choose a different path. My work as owner of a Charlotte SEO Company has been in affiliate marketing and lead generation which doesn’t require a face in the industry.

Search Marketing is about trying things and seeing what works, then using what works to help clients rank higher, sooner.

A well designed and structured website that avoids common errors can be the difference of thousands of customers over the course of its 5-10+ year lifespan.
Proper internet marketing and Search Marketing with excellent on page design is the best investment in long term marketing you’ll ever make.