Digital Marketing Charlotte

Sellaholics is more than a blog. We are experienced, certified and proven in every aspect of the digital marketing process. Our own personal success online is a tribute to this fact.

SEO and search marketing – For over 12 years ranking websites for businesses and driving affiliate traffic. What does an affiliate background in SEO mean for clients? It means the most competitive keywords have always been our playground. No matter the challenge or niche, you will see immediate improvement and gain exposure. You will also see steady measurable growth based on truthful metrics of success.

PPC and Search Advertising – One of less than a dozen Google Certified Partner Agencies in Charlotte, NC (5/1/14). We are certified in Search and display advertising as well as in Bing Adcenter.

Creative that works – Creative, motivation, testing and proof are all aspects of digital marketing we excel at. Allow us to learn your audience and craft a message they will click on and convert through.

Video and Video PPC – Experienced in digital editing, production, green screen and creating viral effective ad campaigns. We know you videos are not their to be funny, but to sell.

Google Analytics – Google Analytics Certified on more than one occasion. We are not late to the party on the power of quality data and the right metrics. We wont promise you rank or traffic since that won’t ever pay your rent. We sell stuff to people.