Maybe our favorite thing to work with when optimizing is the WordPress blogging platform. WordPress is world famous for being an extremely accessible and SEO ready platform for people.
to get online and get ranked easily. WordPress comes ready to go optimized in many ways, and what’s not is easily done with the addition of any SEO plugin for wordpress
Wordpress allows you to set slugs (urls) for posts and categories in such a way that you can create almost any virtual hierchial site structure. What you get from addition SEO plugins is thinks like controlling which pages get index, nofollow’d, and automating the heading META tags using the keywords, tags and category names to fill in every post with relevent terms.

While this is nice for the beginner to be capable, or the amateur to impress a client of two, there is much more that can be done.

With use of PHP and the wordpress loop a user can take SEO for wordpress blogs to another level.
Some of the things I personally like to add to the prepackaged solutions are

  • Turning a list of keywords into pre-linked pages with the use of the WordPress search page and rewriting URL’s to make the pages seem intentional and not dynamically made
  • Grabbing thumbnails for use on the homepage as links, inserting title, tags and category tags into the alt, link title and name of the image itself to create an automatic relevent home page link for every new post. This also creates images for google images to pick up with searchable names.
  • Using the wordpress if_home, if_category or if_single conditional tags to create additional content or text specific to each page and to create less of an appearance of a manufactured tamplate and duplicate design that category and archive pages can create.
  • Stop by the blog often as new and old ideas pop into my head. I have alot of experience creating homemade WordPress modifications that make my blogs rank higher for the intended keyword and saturate deeper into the SERPS.