This was where we started out in about 2003.

Doing SEO for real estate brokers, agents and mortgage related products.
We did sites for them directly and also set up alot of local partnerships in the Charlotte real estate market.

One of the larger projects that was exclusively our own and not for any client was a network of mortgage sites in 7 major cities in the Southeastern US. We targetting real estate and mortgages in Atlanta, Raleigh, Charlotte, Columbia and Jacksonville regions. All sites were built with MYSQL inventories and captured leads and newsletter signups.

We then established local partnerships with Charlotte Real Estate brokers and lenders to sell the leads we had acquired. We also reached out to lenders in Atlanta and Florida who were able to sell Atlanta mortgage services and wanted the leads we had generated with organic SEO targeting mortgages.

Our Charlotte Mortgage and Charlotte Real Estate site alone captured 2,378 applications in 2 years time. While not all leads are actionable or even desirable in the lending market, when you have 99 new aplications every month for one city alone even a 5% conversion rate and a very low $5000 profit margin for the mortgage broker makes the person partnering with us $25,000 per month in traffic that costs nothing to produce.

The other cities combined collected about another 2000 leads in the same time span. We didn’t put as much time or energy into those markets that we didn’t have partnership established from day one.

The sites are still up and collecting dust and outdated today and still capture 5-10 leads a week despite being “throwaway” sites to us today.

It is important for people searching for an SEO for real estate that you specialize. More than any other field (aside from adult) real estate SEO is a unique beast. The on and off page design and practice is universal but working with the database and listings directly require a skilled specialist to get the best result.

If you have lined a SEO for real estate marketing up and want a free second opinion we’d be happy to give our review of their work and proposal for free. We don’t want you business, but do want to inform our neighbors and shorten your learning curve. You can see our SEO for real estate profile at realtown, or visit the CGR Creative site for our marketing work and latest contracts.