Why does a plastic surgeon need SEO?

Well that descriptive title says it all. It’s pretty simple math that a plastic surgeon in Charlotte making 4 to 5 figure per procedure can not afford to pass on SEO for his plastic surgery practice.

For a few thousand dollars you can hire a decent SEO and make far more sales simply through social media channels. FCor about the same you can hire us and dominate the local and regional search for Plastic surgery procedures.

If you pay 2-3k$ monthly to a skilled Charlotte SEO like us and you make 2-3 sales per month due to our efforts you are operating in the black from day one.

SEO helps all Doctors and plastic surgeons build clients for less cost

An experienced SEO for Doctors and SEO for Plastic Surgeons like us will earn our pay by the 5th day of every month and when we do part ways someday, you have a website that has been fine tuned and built into a marketing machine for you for years to come.

A Plastic Surgeons website that was done right will be their livelihood and the best investment in marketing you ever made. When you buy a TV spot, radio ad or print ad, what happens to it when it’s finished running. Poof its gone.

You will not lose a cent while we build you meical practice into an online winner on page one, and down the road you will get all the benefits for years to come for free.


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