Watch “Charlotte SEO” Everyday.

Or watch something more exciting if you prefer. To each their own SERP measuring sticks.

If you are worth your weight in SEO you will do your own A/B style testing with different layouts and watch SERPS like a crackhead. I have always for a decade watched SERPS like a crackhead. Just yesterday the search “Charlotte SEO” produced a new result that hadn’t ever been there before. A Maryland based SEO firm putting out press releases and making a play at the Charlotte keyword. They have a nice looking site actually, but with some skillful digging you find a lot of red flags. I don’t care either way nor do I want any clients, it is just fun for me to dissect and find the recipe behind the entree. The funny part was as soon as I opened Hootsuite that day David Kyle a local SEM expert had already called the new guy out, indicating he does the same thing and “Charlotte SEO” is also on his compulsive watch list.

My watch-list isn’t about business it is about having steady measuring tools for overall SERP changes.

As an SEO you need to have 5-10 searches you look at daily to get an overall pattern of what is moving. These are basically benchmark searches and provide you with a consistent source of data over a long period of time.

Most business owners should do this for their “money terms” since there is no down side to using words that matter to your business as your choice of learning tools. I would say they should also have some others that interest you in other niches. This isn’t about who went up or down but learning how and why anomalies occur. Sites that shoot to the top in competitive keyword fields often vanish days later. I don;t consider many fluctuation like this too interesting unless they stick for a week or more. Often there is an appear then vanish cycle that happens in the first few weeks of a site showing up as well.

Very often you will find the one hit wonders that later vanish are gamed sites (or domains) that recently changed content and are riding the wave of new keywords placed on old “juicy” domains.

If I have a well respected domain with a long history and link profile I can pretty much put any topic on it and rise fast to the top. This is often a brief anomaly depending on a lot of factors. We see this happen with press releases on strong domains like PRWEB. They rise fast to the top by being associated with strong domain. The site then goes forward 30 days and begins to vanish as it doesn’t get the link profile to maintain the position and exists on a domain that is not structure or themed the same as the article is to pass authority from the homepage to the press release on topic.

It’s not about why, since there are 1000 reasons for significant changes or newcomers to a certain SERP, the key here is to have ones you count as as a measuring stick of alogorythem changes. It is important to be standing still when you are trying to measrue how much something is moving. Having your pet searches is the best way to have a steady measuring and learning tool.

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