Why We Are Paying For Ads

Having been an SEO from the very start I have seen the nuts and bolts. I started in SEO in Charlotte before Adwords had matured and social traffic was no more than spamming Myspace. I had seen what works and what doesn’t  before SEO became a store bought and packaged concept that is plug and play in many platforms.

SEO’s would spend long hours debating the changes or required changes to keep up with chasing our tail, which was the Google ranking method of the week.

SEO is a field filled with bad information, misinformation (intentionally or not) and lack of information (very intentionally).

Search is a market that requires secrecy in order to work. If Google came out and explained the 200 factors involved with ranking your website higher and how this formula is exactly calculated, they would have chaos on their hands. Well, they would have more chaos since every piece of information they do let us have turns into an overnight black hat industry. (or black hat posing as white hat)

If it was a simple formula that we could all apply with no need to guess and no need to try right and wrong approaches then we would all be #1 for our popular search term.

Now we can’t all be #1 in the search engines even with a transparent formula, but someone would build a better mousetrap on how to game that formula and we’d all use that instead. When money is on the line, the chances that Google creates underground industries to gain an advantage are always present.

When Google bombing worked we got, link exchanging directory sites, Keyword spam on blogs, forums and anywhere a link could be posted. Scrapebox and XRumer still run around the clock today posting thousands of fake comments on blogs all because of the formula Google created.

The Irony here is that Google invented these “cancers of the internet”, then they explained to us how they have the cure. They say quality over backlinks, natural paced backlinks and links that don’t involve circular site linking are better quality.

Google explained how bad link farms are, how low PR links will damage you site if you share your link juice with them or how 100 links per page will drain you PR. Google gives us endless rules about how they are determining page quality and link value all in an effort to combat low quality or questionable keyword linking strategies. They helped in inventing the nofollow which left us all buzzing about what to follow and what to nofollow on our blogs, all back to having to deal with their formula that started the cancer of link bombing.

All these endless cures come from the inventors of links passing page value to the natural search results. They gave us disease and they sell us the cure in doses year after year.

There is no doubt Google has produced the best product with their formula, and also no doubt they work hard to attack ever effort to game their system, but with every fire they stomp out they create two more.

In a world where many forms of aggressive link building are obsolete and where every site on the first 5 pages has pretty decent on page SEO and layout the determining factors fall to the other 198 things on Google’s list of factors. So SEO’s buy up aged domains because domain age and credablility of aged domains with old backlinks seems to be a golden ticket to the top. (debated by some) Now a new industry pops up as the value of aged domains goes up.

I owned a phenomenal domain where we ran a food blog in Charlotte. Search ‘Charlotte blog’ and see it #3 on page 1 of Google from all the great SEO we did for it from 2005-2010. We eventually let the project go ad didn’t keep up with it, and along came a domain snatcher. The guy who bought it didn’t want anything but the age and aged links. The squatter as made sure to maintain all the old page names we had (thousands) so Google thinks the site is still the same high quality one. This food blog now has repeat content on every page of thousands and still after months online it sits ranked on page one despite it’

s duplicate content and lack of anything unique or of quality. Another side business created by the 200 factors.

A lot of chasing our tails in SEO, which is likely what has contributed to the enthusiasm behind Adwords and Social Media for driving new traffic to a website and its’ sales goals or revenue plan. Chasing our tails trying to get the free traffic that search provides seems almost planned.

If you owned a movie theater that charged$10 a seat, but you also had free seats available for those who are able to get to them would you really want to make easy to do? Would it be in your businesses best interest to keep the “way to get free seats” as tight a secret and a moving target? Seems so.

When your business is run on on delivering paid ads, and convincing people who don’t pay for ads that they should pay for ads, it seems that Google making SEO an option of the past is good for their bottom line.

I haven’t seen data, but would assume that one of the many “Google updates” that have happened in November and December and killed alot of businesses web position before Christmas was also a cause of a huge spike in paid Google ads. Google won the market with their great ranking quality and search result integrity, but now that the market share has been secured and brand loyalty has been established it is time to get as many people paying customers and not just searching and “sitting in the free seats”.

many a business owner had a sad Christmas while Google and the Adwords professionals that google gets paid to certify had alot under their Charistmas tree.

When you hire an SEO, you get alot more than moving around tags and putting link anchors on keywords throughout the site, you get someone who must plug all the holes and have you covered in Social Marketing and paid Adwords ads to get the most out of what is left to chance and at the same time get the highest ROI on the things that are based in facts and numbers.


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Todd Kron

of Sellaholics is a veteran of Analytics, PPC, Display, video, UX, conversion optimization, affiliate programs, web design and web programming since 2002. My background includes affiliate sales to 6 figures, director of a web design agency, and currently the digital manager for a leading energy company located in Huntersville, NC. From search to sale 1000 different ways is my background. Sellaholics is a Google Partner Agency.

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