The Black Hat Hypocrisy

I just submitted a good article about seo to ezine articles. The article talks about the challenge of deciding what is black hat and what is not and the fact that almost anything you do is gray area.

I just got back an email saying they cant publish it because it links to this site which has the words black hat SEO written on it, albeit in an editorial way.

They are referring to this article about what is white and what is black and how they are often the same thing.

Ironically, Ezinearticles is a tool of SEO marketers that exists solely to give backlinks and additional pages online outside of your domain.
The internet marketing category of their site has over 80,000 articles in it. The average of others in the online categories is about 11,000 submissions.

The site is essentially just a backlink farm, and they just laid down the final word on what is considered ethical. What is more, they referred to an article discussing the wide ranging opinions on what is ethical, an article that solely debated the issue of opinion on online ethics.

They told me:

We cannot allow content that is descriptive of or in any way advocates the use of Black Hat marketing as it is considered an unethical marketing practice. Please ensure that any descriptive or encouraging content regarding this type of internet marketing is removed from your article and links prior to resubmission.

I hope this information has been helpful. Please let me know if you have any other questions so that I may assist you further.

Thank you, Megan

Thanks Megan, this has been super helpful, all internet spam and filler needs to meet the approval of Ezinearticles.

Now go take your website down as well.

Google terms of AdSense service states 3 ads per page is the current limit.

“Currently, AdSense publishers may place up to three AdSense for content units on one webpage.”

On this article currently on their homepage:

I count 5 usages of google ads, 2 chikita, and 2 others for a grand total of 9 ad blocks surrounding an article with only 5 points to make.

Is a jump menu not the same as link stuffing? Is a WordPress category page not duplicate content?

How about TAG pages that essentially generate a page based on a keyword from content already indexed? What about using related terms links on every search which essentially mimic the tag pages in WordPress?

What about Godaddy and other owners of millions of parked pages displaying Google ads on a park page? (in the past, maybe still doing it.)

I have news for all those self proclaimed squeaky clean SEO’s. Every unnecessary element, link to “related terms”, tags and jump menus on your website is not always “for the user”.

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