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Tag cloud good or bad?

Well in a recent discussion about just this we debated the tag cloud feature and if its good or bad for your blog ranking pages and posts.
We are not looking at home page clouds or even archive pages.

Home and archive pages will have content spanning many articles and posts, these pages are non-specific in their intent, keyword goal and topic.

But single post pages on a WordPress blog can often be short 300-400 character posts about a specific subject.

If I am writing about marketing and SEO on this blog day to day, then Anthony comes along and adds a web design article about fonts and typography or perhaps the background and mental aspects of choosing certain fonts, that might not be the kind of page I want tags coming from the entire site to dilute the specific nature of that page.

When google finds his page I want the topic it discusses to be top 3 in the keyword density, top 5 at least.
We have already looked at articles about Google Panda update target repeat content and signs of template sites. So, with this in mind do I really want 12 additional occurrences of the word SEO on every single page of the website.

It does not help the spiders, they don’t need the help. If I add 12 occurrences of any word on every single page it makes every single page that much less specific to its subject matter.

Using this SEO tool to check keyword density on a post from this site:


The density report with tags was:

seo 43 7.38%
marketing 26 4.46%
keywords 13 2.23%
design 12 2.06%
december 12 2.06%
typography 10 1.72%
tips 9 1.54%
google 9 1.54%

Without the tag cloud on that page the density of the same article was this:
seo 32 6.25%
marketing 23 4.49%
december 12 2.34%
keywords 11 2.15%
design 9 1.76%
twitter 9 1.76%
typography 9 1.76%

The article is about Typography… and not “SEO, design or keywords”, and the tags inflated those items and moved typography downward overall.
While the site is about these things as a whole, this particular page isn’t so much.

So Id say tags are great, but try to apply only a specific posts tags to itself, or perhaps, grab all the tags from “all posts in this category”
So the tags would actually reinforce the theme of the page rather than dilute it.

One of the things these pages do, and I would do for any SEO for WordPress project is to call the posts tags, the current post only. Link them as we have right below here near my avatar. Also call the posts tags one or two other places on the page with the link stripped. Give yourself a few more natural occurrences of the keywords you want to reinforce.

These ideas make the tags work for you and not against you.

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