So Many SEO Experts in Charlotte

You won’t see my typing what a “Charlotte SEO Expert” I am, since I don’t have an interest in who thinks that.

I can’t recall the last time I got a check from “the illusion of greatness”.

I am not a Charlotte SEO in reality, I am an affiliate marketing expert with a decade of experience ranking sites. The major difference between me and those with a client list and claims to SEO greatness? I put my mortgage, car payment and kids lunch where my mouth is. I rank for my checks, I pay bills with prerformance that could never be faked. I didn;t pay my cars, home and vacations with claims of expertise or corporate reputation.

I paid for all this since 2003 with this “put up” scenerio, if I dont get traffic I don’t eat.

I’ve been eating.

I have always wondered why having clients was such a trophy in the business of internet marketing., If you are trying to build a reputation and let the clients reputation imply you have talent, that one way to ride coattails to success. But traffic has natural value online, selling it or turning SEO success into money is not hard at all.

Name me a niche market and I will tell you who will buy your traffic. If a person has the ability to rank any terms, not all terms, but just one here and there then that person should not be bragging about clients. Why would you sell your services to a client for 500-2000 a month when you have such proclaimed ability and in the end they will leave you with an extremely valuable ranking that will pay them for years to come and never pay you again?

If you have the cure for bad rankings why not cure yourself with it first and give yourself the long term benefits of residual income? Why sell the cure to someone else why will leave with a high positioned site that is their property. It is better to be a landlord than a real estate agent in the world of online property.

Some SEO’s that work for clients may use link networks like the “” blog network that just got whacked by Google with the ban-hammer.

This is one way to sell the cure, since they are building a clients site with their subscription based posts. If or when the client is on page one and decides to move on from paying you, you can then pull the articles or stop paying for the links and watch them tumble to page “infinity” and come back to you with a check in their hands.

This is not a respectable way to do business, but it is the way one SEO I have replaced was doing business, and is a common way an SEO build longer term income off a client in a dishonest way.

Back on subject, if you seo a Charlotte SEO with his Google listing naming himself as a “guru”, “expert”, “the best” or any other self proclaimed title, ask yourself why they would sell a skill like this for pennies when they could rank sites of their own and lie back collecting checks forever?

I bring this up as I did a phone referral for a staff member of mine recently and was asked this by the company calling. He started asking about where i got my knowledge of SEO and what sites or companies I did work with online.

I simply said, none you will find or I care to hang my name on. I work for me, because a page one ranking can mean 4 months of working for a client to be his ranking or 4 months working to build my own affiliate site to page one and have it by my property.

The caller asked, how do you find clients?

Me: Why would I want clients?

If you are the “guru”, “expert”, or “the best” like so many Charlotte SEO ‘s claim they are why would you use a profitable skill for a temporary paycheck when it could be a permanent residual income source?

A great SEO, you will never see or hear about from their clients, you will hear what they blog about and know they have 30-100 affiliate sites sending checks to their mailbox and giving them time to learn online at home with hands on experience.

So for anyone bragging they are the best because they were able to talk their way into a large companies trust, go out and rank #1 for the word “ringtones”, then you can quit your job and collect a $130,000 monthly check like a real SEO (Shoemoney). Do you think this guy is spending time claiming to be the best or looking for local clients?

Or take your talent out and turn it into a residual income empire like Aaron Wall creator of the SEO book that has been a backbone of the SEO industry for most of a decade.

Im sad to say the biggest check I have made so far in a 2 week payment period due to being able to rank and drive traffic is $19,350 in 15 days. This included about $4500 the following week while I was with my family at Disney World in Orlando. So Im not sure if I am as “qualified ” to call myself an expert as those who attended a 3 day “Internet marketing seminar” and learned how to type META tags on a clients website, BUT….This is my answer to the executive recuiter asking “how do you find clients?”.

To those who I have read their blogs and have real talent and insight into search marketing, (you know who you are), this post isn’t about you. You know you are one of the good ones if you understand what I am saying.

And for the corporate recruiters looking to find a Charlotte affiliate manager, Charlotte internet marketing manager, marketing director, social media manager or whatever you are seeking the best of the best. If the person has lived for 10 years off online income and never needed to go out seeking a single client, and even spent years without a single client, you have found someone far more knowledgeable of online marketing than someone with an irrelevant MBA who took a 3 day Google seminar and built a website claiming to be an “expert” or the “Best Charlotte SEO“.

And yes, that was shameless keyword stuffing in that last line.

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Todd Kron

of Sellaholics is a veteran of Analytics, PPC, Display, video, UX, conversion optimization, affiliate programs, web design and web programming since 2002. My background includes affiliate sales to 6 figures, director of a web design agency, and currently the digital manager for a leading energy company located in Huntersville, NC. From search to sale 1000 different ways is my background. Sellaholics is a Google Partner Agency.

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