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Well, as a new idea we will use the sites offered for review on Webproworld, and include our responses and quick take here. We tend to spend about 5 minutes getting a fast overview of mistakes we see and how to better on page SEO each site.

The Russia tourism site was put on the table for a quick SEO look, and here is what we found in 5 minutes of checking the code. This is our way of saying, a good web designer and a good SEO don’t always mean the same thing.

Well its an attractive page, the homepage mainly, the inside pages could use some color or transparent background images or something to fill the dead white space.

But from the code.

1. You got alot of jquery and related jscripts in the header, but I dont see them used on the pages anywhere. Seems like about 20 lines of code that is unused on the homepage since im not seeing a slider.
2. I think you need to make more pages for specific items and tourist attractions. Surely there ar 10 highly sought after tourist stops, monuments etc in russia that deserve their own page, if for no other reason but SEO. You essentially have a moscow and st pete page and nothing more specific. Get 10 pages like visit-monument-name-here-tours.html , maybe make a drop down on moscow and st pete tabs listing the appropriate ones. Site just lacks specific enough pages to compete for all the traffic it should.

3. Any reason the title tag on your logo has htp:// in the “title” tag? which links to this page ————> Naked Russian Girls The Hottest Russian Sluts! Naked Russian Girls!

4. thats gonna slow down link exchange offers. ^

5. No alt tags on images, seems silly maybe, but since you homepage is only one large JPEG shouldnt be any reason not to ALT your main keyword there. Also on the logo, unless you want to sell the hottest neked girls online.

6. Your image gallery page is nice, but again tons of useless code on that page, and no caption text, alt text or similar to make it a search happy page. Rename all your photos (only like to the name _tour_krmlin_photo_pic, for google images, and watermark them if they are yours. And add a caption field for each photo, or if your script doesnt allow that make the pic open in a new page when clicked with a caption, so each pic is indexable page in itself.

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