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Search Engine Submissions & Other Scams

SEO when defined as “an all-encompassing term that refers to improving a websites position and overall exposure” is always under attack from within. One of the largest challenges in selling the importance of SEO is the constant battle for those who sell garbage and prey on the inexperienced website owner.

If you have even had a client getting barraged by YEXT marketers emails and phone calls you know the stress it causes. Paranoia marketing works great for them as they blaze a trail through suckers and defecate on SEO as a whole.

I even had a client calling late at night stressed because a Godaddy rep told him that he needs virus protection or he risks having his site hacked. When a voice on a phone at an 800 number says the word “hacked”, it means 2 hours of explaining the fine line between paranoia and good practice.  (which was in place)

So a partner we work with received an automated voice mail today from what can only be described as spam on steroids. Put briefly, it was a mass phone call offering search engine submission. Not just search engines, but thy offer over 250 search engines submissions! (can you name 15?)

The message came with a “limited time promo code” to waive the $99 setup fee! You will only have to pay the $29 per month (bronze) or up to $49 per month for Gold package.

The gold package features amazing opportunities like: (this is sarcasm)

  • Reach more of your potential customers
  • Keep your site more frequently updated in the search engines
  • Save time, money and resources by letting the pros do the work
  • As your traffic increases, your cost stays the same

I didn’t cherry pick those “amazing features” those are the complete gold package.

You can compare the amazing option right on their homepage complete with pie graphs to show the amazing features of the bronze, silver and gold options.

Pie graphs with no legends or labels, just colorful circles.

And wait, there’s more! You also get a slider filled with stock businesses photos and best of all they have a SitePal talking website to walk you through this “amazing opportunity”.

If you don’t know what a SitePal is, just do the following research steps:

  1. Build a time machine
  2. Go back in time to 2001
  3. Look on the internet on any website about making money on the internet.
  4. That talking cartoon you see, that’s a SitePal.


It is not so shocking that the website features such dated marketing, since the exact same website used to be on with a copyright at the bottom of 2005-2009. Which featured submissions to as part of their SEO arsenal. Seems redundant since Dogpile was a Meta search engine.

You may be asking, is this something I could just do for myself?

Well, let’s read the “experts response to that in the FAQ section:A: Technically, yes. However, the submission of a website to the search engines can be extremely tedious and time-consuming. It can take hours to submit to even a basic set of search engines. Also, you must possess the technical knowledge to make sure the submission is done properly.“

If you are finished laughing and crying at the same time. Please read on.

Since this is a blog post on a marketing blog we can now add the mandatory lessons to take away from this.


We will even use the cliché concept of narrowing it to short and sweet bullet points.

  1. If someone is selling you marketing of any kind from a mass email it is garbage. If they need to convince you of the need for their service, then you don’t need it. Email marketing is especially suspect as it hides them from peer scrutiny. There is a reason the guy in a trench coat selling knock-off watches, whispers.
  2. Search engines will find you, there is little to nothing anyone can do to speed up or improve this process. Search engines want you content, since it is all they have to offer. They spend an awful lot of time and money making sure they find your website on their own.
  3. You are paying for crap. Arelis makes software called IBP (Internet business promoter) and it can “submit your website” in about 1 minute automatically. This is one of hundreds like it.
  4. Search engines have spiders. These clowns have a gold package to “Keep your site more frequently updated”. Unless they are changing the code in your sitemap.xml file to indicate more frequent updates (which they are not) then they cannot influence this. And even in this way it won’t make a difference.
  5. If your website is built with a common CMS like wordpress, drupal, joomla or magento then your website generates a dynamic XML sitemap. You may even be sending notifications to ping-o-matic every time there is an update to your content. Your website does everything you need in this department right out of the box, or with a simple add-on.

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