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Had a few posts about reputation managment services being offered in Charlotte. Also a post or two about online public relations and brand building services. And while doing my normal 10 hours a day of looking at search results for myself and my clients I cam across a good example. The good example I found is me, us and mine. A quick search of “reputation defense Charlotte” shows an example of what you need done for your company name.

Im not claiming this to be splitting the atom, or a high competition term, because it is not. This is only a term we have tried to incorporate as more and more clients at CGR Creative inquire about this service to protect their good names online. So in the last week or two you can see what happens when we decide to flood a SERP (search result) with your brand name or the term associated with your service or product.

If your product was reputation defense or reputation management and you worked out of the Charlotte region this same effect is what we will create for you. Through press releases, article written with good seo copy practices, local and review sites and changes on page to your own site we strive to make sure a term is solely asociated with good news about your brand.

If this was your brand or keyword term, and your customers were searching for more information about this service, would there be any question in their minds that you were the Charlotte are authority on Reputation management and reputatrion defense. This form of defensive SEO is what puts result in place before your customers search so they get the overall impression of you that you desire.


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